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Battleaxe Kennels
Battleaxe Kennels is a small kennel based in Wellington. We took over the Battleaxe name from our friends Robin & Lyn Hay.  We have owned Staffords since 1984 starting out doing obedience with our dog. We were given Polly as a rehoming lass &  had a litter from her but not under the Battlexe prefix and this changed our lives forever.
In 2008 we imported "Surestaff Ultimatum" & " Surestaff Ucan Do It Too"  from Harry & Mary Coble in the UK who have an impeccable pedigree making both of them into Champions. This was a start for us to improve the bloodlines for us in New Zealand. We also have imported semen from UK kennels that will be used over time.

Our breed philosophy is to have any Staffords we own DNA tested for Hereditary Cataracts & L-2 Hydroxglutaric Aciduria. We  do regular health checks for PHPV & PPSC. All puppies have their eyes tested before leaving us. Health testing is paramount to our Kennel & any other health issue that may crop in time.

Our Staffords are our pets foremost. They are given the best care possible & some would call spoilt. We try to breed for type & temperament and occasionally puppies are available.

We are active participants in the show ring with our dogs and have had some success.

We have been active members of the Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society over the years.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about this wonderful breed. A stafford's loyalty to family and their intelligence should not be underestimated and they need to be part of a loving family.

Once you own a stafford you won't want any other breed.

Grant & Louise Blackwood.

Phone: 04 478-9313