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der Ingolsta kennels are dedicated to the German Shepherd breed, we have been a member of the NZ Kennel Club since 1976 and bred our first litter in 1980 and have a reputation of breeding quality animals with superior temperament and working lines, Excellent for show, agility, obedience and great family companions for all ages,
Our aim is to attempt to better the breed in all aspects, which means, continually importing quality NEW proven bloodlines, ( as our gene pool is so small in NZ, ) this, then should prevent any problems that inbreeding can cause.

All our breeding stock go thru an extensive Veterinary examination which includes xraying hips and elbows and DM testing.These xrays are then sent to Australia to go thru the process of being scored and approved for breeding.

We live in a country enviroment therefore the puppies have access to free running in there up bringing, they are reared on a Royal Canin which is a Quality Super Premium Dry formula and is a total balanced food and certainly gives them the excellent start in life that they require. They also go thru a full Veterinary check, vaccination and tattooed prior to leaving us to go to their new homes.

Our very first German Shepherd we owned was 1967 was a full working dog on a farm that had pedigree jersey bulls, milking cows and sheep and she loved the challenge everyday working with the stock on the farm.
In 1976 we purchased our very first show dog which was more of the family's very best mate than a show dog but he used to love to get out and strutt his stuff in the ring and he certainly got us really hooked into the breed

For many more pics to peruse take a look at our scrapbook on the top right hand corner of this page. We also have another website you can click on, also at the top right of this page.

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Deringolsta Kennels
Garry & Debbie Ingham
P O Box 39114
Wellington Mail Centre
Phone: 0-4-526 7538

Litters Available

We are proud to announce that der Ingolsta Peppermint has had a litter to Champion der Ingolsta Rikki ( AI)  Minty whelped on the 13th August 2018, 3 Males and 6 Females.
Any Further information can be sort by emailing us on or mobil on 021 475 138

Minty and Rikki  Litter 13th August 2018

We are really excited to announce the arrival of CH der Ingolsta Petra's (AI) litter by Australian supreme Champion Indio di Casa Nobili Whelped on the 4th June 2018

Indio has a show record second to none in Australia both in the Specialist and all breed ring.

Petra also have a excellent show career with a Best in show awards and many in show awards at specialists shows

Pedigree for Minty and Rikki  Litter 13th August 2018

S: Indio di casa Nobili impItaly
SS: Geck di casa Nobili

SD: Dolly di casa Nobili
SSS: Tordi casa Nobili
SSD: Linda dei Toraja

SDS: Dax de Intercanina
SDD: Fata di casa Melillo
D: Ch der Ingolsta Petra ( AI)
DS: Pepe v d Zenteiche (impGmy)

DD: der Ingolsta Black Magic
DSS: E'U2 de la Petite Laeticia
DSD: Amy v d Zenteiche

DDS: AUST Ch Andacht Don Pedro
DDD: der Ingolsta OOO-La-La

Lady's babies at 8 weeks

Just relaxing and enjoying the sun

If you would like any further information regarding any future litters do not hesitate to come back to us or any additional pics we are happy to send them to you

Garry and his mates

Garry and the kids have been exploring in the bush
didn't seem to find much, rabbits must have gone into hiding so had to settle for just a few pine cones, but all seemed to enjoy the fun anyway.

We periodically do have available ex show animals that are up for adoption with excellent temperment and willing to please.

Don't hesitate to email or phone if you are interested.

Some conditions may apply.