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Thanks for visiting the profile page of MONTREUX Bernese Mountain Dogs. This kennel is one of the more recent BMD kennels in NZ, but my experience goes back to the 1980\'s when I bred, worked and exhibited Golden Retrievers. After my 2 best friends, Star & Kelly left me in the early 1990\'s, my partner John and I spent the next 10 years establishing a business in the hospitality industry....definately no time for dogs then! In 2005 we moved to Amberley, a lovely old villa, and a one acre garden. Now I could entertain the idea of owning dogs again. Not wanting to go back to Goldens, I settled on the Bernese Mountain Dog because deep down I had always loved their beautiful, striking presence and their laughing, happy demeanour. I purchased Ella from Lisa Stevenson\'s Anahera Kennel in Taranaki the same year, and Rosie followed Ella one year later, from Emma Sankey\'s Zollikon Kennel in Australia. Both Ella and Rosie became show champions effortlessly, and Ella has just produced our first Montreux litter of 9 dogs and 1 bitch! We love our girls, and enjoy the company of the new Berner friends we have made. I have retained a dog puppy from Ellas litter to be known as \'Montreux Andreas\' or Jak to his mates!

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Montreux Kennels
Ms Christine A Lewis
7 Hurunui Mouth Rd
RD3 Domett
North Canterbury
New Zealand Phone: 03-319-8001

Ch. Anahera Ebony Mantle

Ella was bred by Lisa Stevenson of Anahera Kennel in Taranaki, and whelped on 24/11/04. Her sire was Sennenhof Hanspeter (imp Canada), and her dam NZ Ch. Zanzebern Topsy Turi (imp Australia).
Her hips have been scored at:
2 Left : 1 Right
Her elbows scored at:
0 Left : 0 Right
She has a clear eye cert.

Pedigree for Ch. Anahera Ebony Mantle

S: Sennenhof Hanspeter (Can)
SS: Sennenhof Dursli

SD: Andra Vom Granzweg (SWI)
SSS: Ch Balou Vom Granzweg (SWI)
SSD: Sennenhof Xoee

SDS: FaroV D Fritzenmatte
SDD: Kaja V Ruschbode
D: Ch Zanzebern Topsy Turi (Aust)
DS: Ch Turi V Bernetta (Swtz)

DD: Aust NZChZanzebern Chiquitita
DSS: Dalton V D Helvetiern Am Erba
DSD: Onda V Bernetta (SWD)

DDS: Dan & Swd Ch Bauernhofs Odd (S
DDD: Aust Ch Bernerbakkens Amber Aw

Ch Zollikon Follow Th' Dream (imp Aust)

Rosie was bred by Emma Sankey Of Zollikon Kennels In Australia and was whelped on 10/2/06. Her sire is Aust Ch Nalle Fender V 'T Rijkenspark (Imp Ndl) and her dam is Aust Ch Zanzebern Talisker.
Rosie's hips have been scored at
0 Left : 1 Right
and her elbows at
0 Left : 0 Right

Pedigree for Ch Zollikon Follow Th' Dream (imp Aust)

S: Ch NalleFender V'T Rijkenspark
SS: Xtralarge Van De Weyenberg

SD: Gamay Genny V 'T Rijkenspark
SSS: Bersenna's Hamlet Prince (Dmk)
SSD: TjalfeVan De Weyenberg(Blg)

SDS: Nwy Ch Macis Springsteen (Swd)
SDD: Wellin-Kiss V Bernetta(Switz)
D: Aust Ch Zanzebern Talisker
DS: Aust Ch Bauernhofs Qeno( Swd)

DD: Zanzebern Iced Portrait
DSS: Sanddynans Gonzo(Swd)
DSD: Bauernhofs Lovisa(Swd)

DDS: Dan&SwdCh Bauernhofs Odd(Swd)
DDD: AustCh Hildrek Malinka(UK)

Montreux Andreas

Known as 'Jak' to his mates, this little guy was whelped on 15/6/07. He is of the first litter bred from Montreux, and is from Ella and Turi.

Pedigree for Montreux Andreas

S: Ch.Turi V Bernetta (Switz)
SS: Dalton V D Helvetiern Am Erbac

SD: Onda V Bernetta
SSS: Iwan V D Holderstockhohe
SSD: Marylou Vom Erbachbrunnen

SDS: Erco Vom Zalgi
SDD: Nella V Bernetta
D: Ch.Anahera Ebony Mantle
DS: Sennenhof Hanspeter (Can)

DD: Ch.Zanzebern Topsy Turi (imp A
DSS: Sennenhof Dursli
DSD: Andra Vom Granzweg

DDS: Ch Turi V Bernetta(Switz)
DDD: Ch Zanzebern Chiquitita