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Based in the south waikato we have 8.5 acres of paddocks and orchards and ponds where our dogs get to run, swim and chase hares. Although our dogs are pets they come from hunting and show backgrounds and all have beautiful temperaments.

As Dogsz NZ accredited breeders you know that our dogs and their pups are well cared for and loved. Pups are raised in our home and are well handled every day and although we don't have children at home we borrow kids to socialize our pups from 4 weeks of age, the pups are also exposed to cats and chickens as well as lots of noisy things like mowers, trombones, drums, saxophones.

We currently have 2 girls, Penny and Amy, who have been together since they were pups. now approaching their third birthdays they each had their first litter this year.
We also have Tiny Tim, he was from Penny's first litter and had a cleft palate. Although the vet offered to euthanise him, we hand reared him and eventually had his palate repaired. He is no longer so tiny and enjoys a normal life of leisure swimming and chewing sticks and bones and 'helping' his mum round up the chickens. Tim is NOT a breeding dog, just an adorable pet.

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Topnote Kennels
Jody and Max Thomas
South Waikato

Phone: 07 872 6402

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1 choc girl, 1 black girl. 2 beautiful chunky girls, very intelligent and eager to please, well socialized with big dogs, children, cats and various loud noises....mower, weedeater, trumpet.....

Ready for their forever homes, now November 2018


Our Amy, beautiful girl with a strong human focus. Loves to swim but best of all chasing balls or even hares!

Hip and elbow score of 2, eyes clear (2018)


Penny, adorable playful girl. Penny has so many delightful aspects to her personality she loves to cuddle but she gets a mischievous look in her eye and starts a game. She has an excellent body clock and let's you know if anything that she is interested in is behind schedule! Penny loves to swim and fetching sticks - are her favorite, but if you throw it she will go after it. Penny has not been trained to retrieve game but she follows her nose strongly and it has been suggested she would have made a good truffle dog.