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Marlborough Kennel Association

Marlborough Kennel Assn Inc has a strong membership and is a very active and friendly club. We own our own grounds at Omaka which is where we hold all our club activities. New members are welcome.

Contact Details

Mrs Trina Nichols
2080 State Highway 63
Blenheim 7271

Phone: 027- 3271 953

Committee Details

PresidentTrina Nichols027 3271
SecretarySusan van der Pol027 4828 275

Upcoming Shows and Events

Events coming up

Ribbon Parades
14th March 2021
18th April 2021

Championship Shows (3)
15th-16th May 2021 in conjunction with West Coast KA & Nelson Ladies KA

Club Activities

Our Championship shows are held in May each year. Monthly ribbon parades are also held. Open Shows are held in November each year.

Club Scrapbook

Bayparque Rattle Your Dags being awarded Best On Parade by Judge, Robynne Trainor at the April Ribbon Parade

Elaine Stringers Cavalier being awarded Reserve on Parade at the April ribbon Parade

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