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The South Island Beagle Club

The South Island Beagle club was formed to foster the love, understanding, betterment and knowledge of the Beagle breed, at all levels, from showing to pet beagles, from trained MAF Biosecurity dogs to obedience and agility dogs. Our club was at first a sub-branch of The Beagle Club with headquarters in Wellington and began operating in 1975. However, in 1992 it was decided that there was enough local support for the formation of a fully NZKC Affiliated Club, this was called the South Island Beagle Club with a zone of influence to include the whole of the South Island. Since then the club has continued to flourish and currently has a membership of 66. A wide vareity of activities are provided. (See below). As well, the Club will attend and participate at Pet Expo's,(when held), and will undertake training for interested persons prior to our championship shows. A club magazine is published every three months. Contributions are welcome and gratefully received by the magazine editor (contact details as per the Club Secretary). This magazine contains details of upcoming events including show results, photo competitions, a question & answer forum, general items of interest and helpful hints as well as profiling South Island breeders. If you need to know more about the breed, have a problem you wish to discuss or need to know anything at all about the Beagle, please contact one of the listed Committe Members.

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Mrs E Riley
1602 Old West Coast Road
RD 1

Phone: 03 318 1229

Committee Details

PresidentHelene du Mez-Robertson03 308
TreasurerJenny Ellenbroek03 327
Vice presidentMs Christine

Upcoming Shows and Events

Our normal Championship Show will be held October 22

Our judge for 2018 is Carole Woolcock, a beagle owner and hound judge from Australia.

Show start TBC.

Venue: Mandeville Sports Grounds

If you are interested in showing or require more information about entering or showing, or even require some show ring lessons, please feel free to contact the club secretary or a committee member - contact details are found on this profile page.

Our field meets have been discontinued due to declining popularity.

We are having a dinner after this show to which all club members are invited. This is being held at the Bush Inn Lonsetar. If you would like to attend let Emma know ASAP.

Club Activities

FUN DAY - September 23, 1.30pm. 1602 Old West Coast Road. Come and join us. Fun games. Prizes. Afternoon tea. Tea. Championship Show yearly - 2018 to be held October 22. Judge - Carole Woolcock. Time to be advised. Dogs first, followed by bitches, Best in Show, then stake classes. Fun walks held regularly - if you can help, let us know Social nights for beagle owners - occasionally held.

Club Scrapbook

Best In Show 2004 Warander Bold As Brass Bred by: Dix Owner: Brown

Best In Show 2003 Ch Detorr Trade Secret Breeder/Owner: Torr

An important part of a beagles life is being out in the field. These beagles are enjoying "time out" in a recreation area near Christchurch at one of the fortnightly winter Field Meets. Experienced beagle owners are always in attendance to retrieve "lost" beagles or to help out with advice. A Huntsmaster runs the pack each meet and is in charge of the overall discipline of the dogs on the day.

Field meets are an excellent way for young dogs to learn some pack manners and socialisation skills in a stress free environment. If you are confident enough to do so, your dog(s) can be let free at the start of the meet and can run and chase for over an hour and up to two hours at a time. Perhaps they will sight a rabbit or hare and learn the art of the chase as well.

Beagles are a "pack" dog. Until recent years they were most likely to be found in a hunting pack. Because of this, they are a very sociable breed who enjoy and need the company of other beagles, or other dog breeds and if kept as a single dog in your home, will need the company and time input of their owners.

The South Island Beagle Club holds a Fun Day in September. Usually held at the home of a club member, these are hugely successful and are an enjoyable way of meeting other beagle owners or even coming out to see what the breed is like.

A variety of fun activities are held including a very basic agility course. It is great seeing our little beagles excelling in this sort of activity and also seeing how quickly they sort out other problems put in their way during the course of the day. If you are interested in coming along to our next Fun Day please contact the Club Secretary (details found on the Club Profile page).

Best In Show September 2008 Ch Bairal Genesis Project Robertson (Owner/Breeder)