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Bulldog Breed Comparisons

Click here to read Bulldog Standards NZ FCI UK Breed comparisons

Click here to read DNZ President letter to Clubs

Click here to read the Bulldog Breed Standard CHWC report

Click here for the Consultation Agenda - 14 July 2019

Click here for the Bulldog Reseach Report - 14 July 2019

Limited Registrations Limitation (LRL)

Click here for frequently asked questions about LRLs

Presidents Letter to Bulldog Clubs

Click Here to read the full letter from Brian Harris, President Dogs New Zealand.

Auckland City Council - Statement of Proposal

Auckland Council's New Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw
February 2019

To read the full Bylaw proposal document (PDF) - Click Here

Significant surgical procedure submissions to MPI

Click Here to read more.

Paul Robinson letter to members
Click here to read.