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Having pedigree dogs as a child and teenager as family pets,I finally had one of my own in my late teens, a superbly natured GSD, who has spoiled me from ever having another one ,as to compare would be unkind and any replacement would be hard to match in intelligence and devotion ..Firstly, if I can be frank, I love dogs for being just that, a dog..pedigree or not. Sadly I see evidence both judging and observing people at shows ,whom I believe sadly, don\'t LIKE dogs "as dogs"..they see them as extensions of their egos with a "Win at all costs" mentality with animals trained to be robot-like with no real relationship between handler and canine..those few moments in the ring possibly being for the dog, the most intense contact and attention they have received all week. It\'s great that dogs are so forgiving !.......
I will climb down from the soap-box, in case I run-out of space ,to say a bit about my judging and breed interests - I have been involved with the following breeds: Pembroke Corgis,German Shepherd,Border Collie,,Old English Sheepdogs (I have been honoured in being invited to judge this breed all around the world at specialties),Afghan Hound,Bichon Frise and Whippets-the latter over the last 30 years.I was lucky enough to have bred a NZ Grand Champion in my first Whippet litter.
Like the large lady and the Chihuahua,I have been told that possibly it\'s a case of opposites attract, as the Whippet is supposed to be," elegant, muscular and refined" , a description my friends tell me I don't quite fill !
I have been honoured by my peers in being elected a life-member of five clubs and Patron of four .
I have been judging since 1976, gaining my All-breeds licence in the late 80's and have been fortunate enough to judge at shows all around the world-including ,England,Scotland,Wales,Eire,Holland Finland,Sth Africa,USA, Canada,Sth America,India,Thailand, the Philipines and in every state of Australia...and of course here in NZ.
Over the years I have made some wonderful "Doggie friends" and hope to put back into our wonderful hobby a little bit of effort to compensate for the
great moments I have experienced through the unselfishness of the many people who volunteer to do many of the menial tasks a successful Dog Show requires.
I enjoy being Show-manager of various shows and even though I don't enjoy it that much, stewarding from time to time.
. I have held various positions of office over the years on Allbreed ,Specialist and Group Club committees, been Chairperson of The Showdog Judges' Association,Chair of the Breed standards Committee and Delegate to Conferences representing both Breed and Group clubs.