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My beginnings in Agility go back close to the early days of the sport in NZ.

 In 1987 I bought a Rottie pup and thought I’d better get this small animal under control before it became a large animal and as started taking him to the Obedience classes in town. He loved it - I loved it, and off we went.

 It was at this time that I met up with a couple of others who wanted to do something other than obedience in the area and thought we’d have a crack at this new Agility type thing. The first day we put up two jumps and balanced a bit of board on a couple of saw-horses for a table. After two goes at this extensive course, we were all sure we knew everything there was to know about Agility – the last 30 years or so have been spent learning how wrong we all were!

 Since then I have been involved in every area of the sport and have been judging agility for over 25 years including, all of the major National events many times and large Australian events including the Canberra Royal, Australian Nationals and NSW Festival of Agility a couple of times. 

I’ve run dogs of all sizes (both mine and those belonging to others). I’ve fallen over more times than I care to count and I could write a book on the mistakes I have made. I have won and I have lost (a lot).

 I love judging and witnessing all of the fantastic performances and people just having fun on my courses. Judging is also an awesome way to meeting new people and reconnect with old friends in other areas.

I completed Global Judging Program Level 1 in January 2019 and then attended the Global Judging Course Design,  Level 2 training and assessment in Tyler Texas in March 2020 passing at National status. 

I work hard to keep up to date with the latest thinking and trends in the sport worldwide and make every effort to create courses people and their dogs enjoy running.

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