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My story in essence reads no differently to many others. The common thread that links us all is simply our relationship with our dogs and those threads we make and establish within our community of like minded people with whom we enjoy sharing with along the way.

Like many kiwis I grew up in the company of dogs for most of my life. Some were family members some were those of neighbors and others were 'just about" - to me it didn't really matter whose they were as I was always interested in any I came into contact with. Memorable dogs were just that for all different reasons and from that early age "selection" of my favourite dogs was instinctive and natural.

However, my initiation into pure-bred dogs and showing was memorable and endearing -for as a very young fellah I shared - at times my play pen - well I think it was mine! with our pups on the front verandah and the lawn. Im sure I had insisted on this as my mother was a nurse and well equipped to deal with any consequences.. Further on and now advanced at the age of five I believe I had my father assist me with the ring-side handling of his Collies and GSD's at local shows. Such was my impudence, however it was thankfully short lived as he took over when Id be towed off my feet into the distance. During the school years dogs were constantly with us and I always found them great fun to be part of everything we did as a family.

It wasnt until my return from London to Christchurch when I re-kindled my interest in pure-breds. This followed a meeting with a friend of mine- Alex Gilchrist -"Amethyst" - Cavaliers) and with "Belshazzar" Afghan Hounds Alex's extensive involvement in his breeds of choice ignited my facination with the Afghan Hound and pure-breds per se. To follow on to this present day were afghans from the kennels of "Kazah" "Kazaba" "Belshazzar" "Badshah" "Chakdarra" "Khandhu," Koh-I Baba," "Suliman," Kingleah and "Aviva"

As a kennel co-owner with Alex together we established "Jhanzi" - Afghan Hounds from carefully selected and imported bloodlines. At the same time I became involved with Kapi Mana Kennel Society, The Central Afghan Hound Club and the Wellington Hound Association at club committee and executive level. As a side interest I also worked with canine psychologist and trainer Mrs Pat Oliver.

Today, "Jhanzi" is firmly established in Afghan hound breed circles here in NZ and internationally. "Jhanzi" afghan hounds have been highly awarded at the top levels both nationally and internationally for a number of years. Currently, the World Winning Afghan Hound Male, World Dog Show Paris July 2011 was our "Kid Sox"- NZ Ch/Int Ch Star't Cuttig Trax of Jhanzi - an award he also won in Brattislava in 2009 along with the top Sighthound In Show and BIS #7. No less acclimation for top UK Afghan 2009 and current top Sire UK 2011 was our much loved "Aladin" -UK Ch Gr/Gr Aust NZ Rainbow Aladin of Jhanzi - also the first double Grand Ch Afghan and Hound in Australasia and the most highly awarded NZ bred Show dog to date. In the USA our "Kid Sox" sired by AI a USA litter winning Afghan Hound Club of America Breeders Cup for Best and reserve best puppy 2011-

Progeny from these two highly influential dogs are gaining top awards throughout UK Scandinavia Europe and USA.

Although I am deeply committed to the Afghan Hound I have a great interest in other other breeds and I have had the opportunity to raise, train and enjoy showing Saluki, Beagle GSP, Hungarian Viszla, American Cocker Spaniel, Pug and most recently Pekinese to name but a few. My interest in all breeds will probably see this list grow longer over time

My greatest wish is to put the wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained thus far to enjoy yet another "angle" within the World of Show Dogs - that of Dog Conformation Judging. There can be no short cuts here and there's a long way to go and a mountain of knowledge and experience yet to gain. I am confident I can happily achieve this to the best of my abilities and will enjoy every moment of the track ahead.

Recent Shows Judged At

Since being appointed onto the Ribbon Parade Panel in 2010 I have had the opportunity to judge at approximately 20 Ribbon Parades for Specialist Breed, Group and All Breed Kennel Clubs.

Most recently I had the opportunity to judge for my home club- Horowhenua Kennel Association, Prior assignments include Tauranga, Hawke\'s Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington,Taranaki, Canterbury and Manawatu.

The experience I have gained over almost two years of judging and activities associated with the Manawatu Judges Association is providing more than just an insight to understanding more about pure-breds. Judging is another facet of the sport of dogs and I am constantly reminded and encouraged to develop further a sound knowledge base across All Breeds and of course my chosen specialist breeds. Without question, the enjoyment is immensely challenging and satisfying.

With so much more to look forward to in the future I will complete this year with a future judging assignment in Auckland and again in Wellington in early 2012.

My greatest wish is to join the Open Show Judging panel in early 2012 once fully completing the current Ribbon Parade Judging panel requirements.

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Panels Aspiring To

I am aspiring to the Open Panel in early 2012 with my nominated groups to be Toys and or Hounds with my Specialist Breed to be the Afghan Hound