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Dominion Chihuahua Club

Championship Show - 2 June 2019

Closing date for this show

The closing date for this show is the 2 May 2019 NOT 2 April as stated in the Dog World magazine.

North Canterbury KA

Easter 2019 Championship and Benefit Shows

Change of Venue

Due to concern regarding an unresolved Health & Safety issue, the committee has made the decision to move the 2019 shows to the Swannanoa Domain.

This was the home ground for the Club until 1999 and is located at 1302 Tram Road, Swannanoa, 7476.

Karen McIntyre
021 357879

Otago Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Championship Show (2)
1 & 2 June 2019

Please note:
Breed Entry is $15.00 and Stakes entries is $5.00

Benefit Show Protocols

All advice of Benefit Shows (for clubs owning their own properties) and for Dogs NZ properties in addition to all other applications should be received by July 1 for consideration at the 1st Executive Council meeting held after the ACOD.

Please click here for full protocols.

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