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General Information - Bloodhound



12-15 years


Very low

Very low

Watchdog Ability:

Protection Ability:
Very low

Area of Origin:
England, Belgium/France border

Date of Origin:
Middle ages

Other Names:
St. Hubert Hound, Chien St. Hubert

Original Function:


The modern Bloodhound has its origins in the Ardenne region of central Europe (Belgium/France border). It was there that the large game hounds of St. Hubert and Talbot and the White Southern Hound were crossed to produce the dog known as the Chien de St. Hubert. Even today, in some countries, the terms Bloodhound and Chien de St. Hubert are interchangeable. The Bloodhound possesses, to a most marked degree, every point and characteristic of those dogs that hunt together by scent. It is a very powerful dog, and stands over more ground than is usual with hounds of other breeds. Because of their hound heritage, Bloodhounds should never be allowed to roam free without supervision. Bloodhounds do drool, males usually more than females.


The Bloodhound is an affectionate and gentle dog breed who gets along well with children and other pets. Devoted and protective, the Bloodhound makes a good watchdog. Although somewhat shy, he is equally sensitive to kindness or correction by his master.


As a hunting hound, the bloodhound needs a good deal of daily exercise. It was bred to trail through any hardship, and once on a trail it cannot be called off. It thus must be exercised in a safe area. The bloodhound drools a lot, so its facial wrinkles require daily cleaning; the ear tips drag in food and must also be kept clean. The ear canals also need regular cleaning for good health. Coat care is minimal, requiring only occasional brushing or wiping. Bloodhounds can live outside in temperate climates if they are given plenty of shelter and soft, warm bedding. Most do best as indoor/outdoor dogs; note, however, that this is not the breed for people obsessed with cleanliness in the house!

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