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Brachycephalic Health

A brief introduction

Brachycephalic breed health is becoming of increasing concern to Dogs NZ, veterinarians and welfare agencies.  Dogs NZ is committed to the continued improvement of health in all its breeds and therefore strongly recommends anyone considering breeding, or purchasing, a brachycephalic dog take a look at the information below. 

Dogs NZ has a Brachycephalic Working Group whose overarching goal is to identify and improve the health of our pedigree brachycephalic dogs.  If you have any concerns or queries regarding specific breeds please contact:

•    Tricia Kraan (Bulldog)
•    Helene Owen (Boxer)
•    Ashleigh Rogers (Pug)
•    Loretta Lovell (French Bulldog)

Any general enquiries can be directed to Dr Rhea Hurley, Canine Health & Welfare Officer Dogs NZ

More information

 NAWAC Opinion on welfare issues associated with selective breeding

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