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After the first World War a group of active hunters separated from the numerically strong Fox-Terrier Club. It was their aim to create a breed, the sole purpose of which would be hunting performance. A zoo director, Lutz Heck Hagenberg presented Walter Zangenberg with four black and tan terriers which were said to come from pure-bred Fox-Terrier lines. These dogs became the foundation stock of the German Hunting Terrier. 

After many years of intensive breeding efforts, and through skillful crossings with the Old English Wire haired Terrier as well as with the Welsh Terrier, they succeeded to fix the appearance of their breed. At the same time they put great emphasis on breeding a multi talented, well trainable, hard, tongue-giving and water-happy dog with an explicit hunting instinct. The German Hunting Terrier Club was founded in 1926. These breeders continued to value most carefully their breed for its usefulness as a hunting dog, its steadiness of character, its courage and drive.

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