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over 10 years

more than 2 hours per day

more than once a week


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Other Names:
Spinone Italiano, Italian Griffon

Original Function:
Pointing and retrieving


Although not common outside of its country of origin, the Spinone is a breed that has been rescued from the straits of oblivion and is fast growing in numbers around the world. In the UK in 1998, 126 Spinone qualified for Crufts and in the US they have an extremely strong following. It should be noted that in the US the Spinone is still classed as a Rare Breed but this is to ensure the planned growth of the breed. The Spinone can lay claim to being one of the oldest gundog breeds in existence, identified as a distinct type almost 2000 years ago and with reliable records of the breed from the Renaissance onwards. Along with its shorthaired cousin the Bracco Italiano, these dogs are the two most common gundogs in Italy.

Developed as an all round hunting dog, along the basic premise of all of the Continental hunters, the Spinone is capable of performing any task required of it; hunting, pointing, retrieving on land as well as water, trailing, bailing and subduing large, wounded and dangerous quarry. It has been selectively bred for use in the north of Italy, the mountains, marshes and heavily forested areas, which means the dog is well suited for New Zealand conditions. The famous Spinone temperament has also endeared them to a growing number of pet owners with the close bond it forms with its 'pack' making for a wonderful relationship. It is said that no human can be as close to his or her dog as a Spinone is to its human.


Italian Spinone are intelligent and easy going. Highly patient, this breed loves all children and likes the company of other dogs as well. Spinone are somewhat stubborn and like to do things in a slow and steady kind of way.


Like all hunting dogs, the Spinone needs daily exercise. This can take the form of a long walk or good run off leash. It can live outdoors in temperate to cool climates, but it is a family dog and prefers to share time with its people. Coat care consists of weekly brushing, plus occasional hand-stripping to neaten the face and feet.

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