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Devil in the country, angel in the house, that's our Basset. It's a passionate hunter, that must, from an early age, get used to obeying. Perfect assistant to the hunter with a gun on territories of medium size, specialist for rabbit, but no other game escapes from it.


For a long time the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen had the same standard as the Grand Basset, only the size was different (from 34 (13 ½ in. ) to 38 cm (15 in.). The result in utilization was not very brilliant, because they were semi-crooked and as heavy as the Grand Basset. That is why that M.Abel Dezamy created a separate standard for them. To define this hound, let us remember what Paul Daubigné wrote: "It is no longer a small Vendéen by simple reduction of the height, but a small Basset harmoniously reduced in all his proportions and in its volume, that is naturally endowed with all the moral qualities which presuppose the passion for hunting." A team of Petit Bassets won the first edition of France's Cup on rabbit.


The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is a passionate hunter, courageous, and likes the bramble and scrub. They are docile but wilful and passionate

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