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Upper Hutt Dog Training Club

Upper Hutt Dog Training Club is a family-friendly club that provides training in domestic classes for pet dogs, and for those involved in dog sports specialist classes are offered in competitive Agility, Obedience, and NZKC Rally-O.

The club is dedicated to educating people to become good and responsible dog owners. Whilst exercising the dog's mind and body, the club also provides a social outlet for their owners. Agility, Obedience and Rally-O provide a great way of having fun with your best friend and making more friends of the human variety.

Training Classes
 A range of different level classes is offered from puppy through to Canine Good Citizen qualification. The focus is on teaching basic obedience commands including sit, down, stay, a reliable recall, and lots of socialisation between dogs. The aim of these classes to graduate with a dog that is a pleasure to have as a pet who will reliably do what it is told to do.

 In Agility your dog will undertake a variety of obstacles, including tunnels, ramps, see-saws and weaving poles. Agility competitions are based on accuracy and speed. Upper Hutt Dog Training Club offers the following agility classes: Foundation Agility Beginners Agility Competition Agility Agility for children 

Competition Obedience 
In competition obedience a new level of precision is reached in the cooperation between dog and handler in completing heelwork, recall, retrieve, scent, distance control and stay exercises.

There are multiple levels of competing and no matter where you are currently from just starting out, or in Test C, Upper Hutt Club can support you and offer training through our very experienced instructors. Upper Hutt Dog Training Club offers the following obedience classes: Intro to Obedience Class, Intermediate class, Senior class. 

The club also offers training classes in the relatively new sport of Rally-O in accordance with NZKC regulations.

Rally-O consists of a course of exercises to be completed with your dog against the clock, with points being deducted for faults such as a tight lead. The sport is less precise than competition obedience and a great way to get out and about with your dog. The club grounds are located in Railway Ave, adjacent to Maidstone Park.

Contact Details

Erin Mulholland
Phone: 021 1243354

Committee Details

PresidentAnne Hugget
SecretaryErin Mulholland  
TreasurerMegan Newth

Upcoming Shows and Events

Please contact the club for details of upcoming agility and obedience competitions.
Agility events are usually in September and December
Obedience and Rally O events are usually in November.

Club Activities

Essential skills classes, Agility, Flygility, Obedience, Rally-O, Canine Good Citizen

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