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Purina Pro Plan Auckland Exhibition Centre

Auckland Exhibition Centre, Clevedon Road, RD2, Papakura

The Purina Pro Plan Auckland Exhibition Centre is situated at 743 Clevedon Road RD Papakura.
This is the main road that runs between Papakura and Clevedon.

We welcome the public to come along and if you are interested in purchasing and owning a dog this is the place find out the answers. 90% of our activities are free to get into and we have a cafe and bar that are open when big events are taking place. Here you can relax and enjoy the activities going on around you. The exhibitors are friendly and are more than happy to discuss their breed or activity with you. Come along- we look forward to meeting you.

The dream that is the Purina Pro Plan Auckland Exhibition Centre is now being taken to another level, in that additional facilities will be put in place that will house and nurture a centre that will play a major part in responsible dog ownership in this country.

Development of our centre began in 1986 with the purchase 9.1 hectares of land for that purpose, and now we are aiming to complete the dream of developing a canine facility to embrace the ideals of a Canine Centre of Excellence.

For the last 19 years the Purina Pro Plan AEC has successfully hosted a range of dog showing, obedience and agility events. It is recognised as a leading facility of its kind in Australasia, and the projects we are undertaking will see the dream of those who purchased the property on our behalf, come to fruition.

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