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I commenced showing around 1955 and have my child handlers cup I won same year to prove it. I was 8 years of age. My late Mother Verity Logan used to show Bull Terriers, Boxers and in 1959 imported the first Afghan hounds in to NZ a breed that has taken off since then.My late mother was more known for having Australian Terriers and bred many champions and in show winners .

The breeds I have had have been Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Skye Terriers, Australian Terriers, currently have smooth and long coated chihuahuas.

I have had experience on club committees and past show training for novice exhibitors and youngsters for Child handlers or Junior showmanship as it is known today.

when the national event for young handlers came out it was known as Pal for the first three years one of my pupils were in the top three. Winning 2nd and third if I recall.

In the past I have taught many a novice exhibitor the basics of showing usually in a car park and given a bit of crash training. Most were extremely grateful for the introduction and have remained friends ever since.

I consider myself to have a lot of knowledge in most breeds and have judged in Australia twice.

I put up what I believe is the correct specimen of the breed and will not be swayed by the end of the lead. I always have my STD book nearby and if there is anything of a particular exhibit I am unsure about I will quickly look up and have been praised by exhibitors for my having the courage to look up instead of taking chances.

I am more than happy to pass on my knowledge and have been reputed to have such a sound basic knowledge. of show procedure and how exhibits and exhibitors should present themselves.

to help and encourage exhibitors after a show.

I give exhibits a fair chance and have even gone out of my way

I think I have typed enough so will let whoever reads this to assess me on who I am not what I am.

Recent Shows Judged At

Pomeranian Ribbon parade, All breed Ribbon parade in Hawke's Bay put on by East Coast Ladies assn. I have done a lot of ch shows to many to remember

Panels Aspiring To

I would like to sit Toys but under the present system I find it to complicated and expensive. I am a look see type not a reader. I was told many years ago by a famous all breeds Judge if you have an eye for an exhibit you are almost there and I have adapted that policy all my showing life.

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