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Canine Good Basics

Canine Good Basics is a programme that is intended to be readily achievable for any dog and handler and a step towards Canine Good Citizen certifications.  It was launched in July 2017.

The Canine Good Basics exercises reflect what is expected of a pet dog in the learning stages of its training.  It is achievable for the average pet dog owner and, like CGC, is based on practical everyday tasks.

Training and assessments are undertaken by DogsNZ clubs, throughout New Zealand, using approved CGB Assessors. Assessments can be conducted during club training sessions or at a show or public dog event as they are simple and do not take long to complete.  CGB Certificates are available to clubs to print and hand out to those who achieve, and for added incentive, there is also a ribbon which can be purchased.

The exercises involved are
  1. Handler to correctly answer five standardized questions
  2. Accepting collar being held for a few steps
  3. Taking a treat nicely
  4. Handling/grooming by handler
  5. Accepting approach and touch by assessor
  6. Accepting a friendly dog
  7. Name recognition
  8. Lead walking
  9. Come when called
  10. Sit or down on cue
  11. 30 second stay

Clubs wishing to become involved in Canine Good Basics can email and request the CGB information pack.  There is no charge for becoming CGB registered.