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2019 Obedience Top Twenty

These Top 20 Competition results cover the period from 1st January 2019 - 31 December 2019.

1st (20 pts), 2nd (10 pts), 3rd (5pts) for 96% or higher in TEST C (288), TEST B (216), TEST A (139), NOVICE (96) & SPECIAL BEGINNERS (72)
For scores below the 96% thresholds the points awarded will be half of this: 1st (10 pts), 2nd (5 pts), 3rd (2.5pts)

At the end of the competition year the dog with the highest number of points (regardless of test level) will win for their owner/s a prize of $1000.00 cash. Entry is automatic for all dogs entering Championship Obedience Shows.

The emphasis of this competition is on encouraging dogs to enter NZKC Obedience Championship Shows and winning.

Club secretaries will be contacted after each Obedience Championship Show and asked to provide the details of the first three placings for each of the five levels. Entry is automatic and open to all dogs.

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